Every company has its’ work principles. Some try to achieve as much features as possible, others – to do everything as cheap as possible. We believe that everything must be as lightweight as possible.

It doesn’t matter what we are doing. It can be accounting software, a web page or a documentation of a complex project. Make everything as simple as possible, but not simplier. That’s the quote of one of biggest genius of 20th century – Albert Einstein. Most of our beliefs are not unique. It is a list of compiled ideas of other great engineers, thinkers, politicians and programmers.


We try to make all of our products as small in size as possible. Not only it helps to save one of the most precious resources in 21st century – internet traffic, but it also makes users happy. All of us here hate long loading times. That is especially true if you are using mobile phone and if 3G is not accessible to you.


Keep all information easily reachable. We believe that if it takes you more than three clicks to reach information you need – something is wrong with the web-page. If all you need is a telephone of a new café that just opened next door and it takes more time to find that number than to walk to it – something is terribly wrong.


Make data accessible. While it may not be true to some kind of high-security corporate information, everything else should be made as easily accessible as possible. We live in 21st century! Social community sites are everywhere. Google is ruling the world. WEB 2.0 is at your finger tips. And that is NOT BAD! Syndicate, share, expand and you will be noticed.

There is nothing more permanent than temporary. Do not cheat yourself! We never add a temporary function or a feature. In everything we do we try to use versions. Have a good development map. Decide which function goes into what version and stick to that. We hate words – “I’ll <do something> for a while and then later I will <undo it>”.


Documentation and standards. That’s what keeps everything going. In everything we do we try to be 100% standards compatible and to document everything as much as possible. Only then it is possible not to loose track of what you’re doing and where you are.


And most of all – KISS!


"Simplicity is the most deceiful mistress that ever betrayed man"
- Henry Adams (1907) -